Illinois FOID/CCW Entry Assistance

$20 cash service fee 

 What to bring: 

  • Previous Login Information if you already have/had an account 
  • Current Valid Illinois DL/ID 
  • Cellular Phone 
  • Email address (can not be shared with someone else who has a FOID/CCL) every applicant needs their own individual email. 
  • CCL certificate if applying for CCL 
  • 10 years address history for CCL application 
  • Credit Card for payment to State ($11 FOID/ $153.38 CCL) 

 If you have any questions please call SWAATS Gunshop at 815-887-0069 

 Self-service scheduling is limited to 14 days out. Click below to reserve an appointment!

 I am a full time firemen, unfortunately there are times where despite my best effort I will not be able to keep a scheduled appointment. I will always do my best to communicate that as far in advance as possible.

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